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Monday, October 20, 2008


Hear that big sigh? That's me, letting myself unwind. We are comfortably settled in here at the condo. The captain is currently doing a power-walk on the beach and I am sitting by a glass balcony door I have slid open, listening to the pounding of the surf and looking out at palm trees, a sandy beach, ocean waves, blue skies and sunshine. I took some photos earlier today; this palm tree is one of many that we see as we walk up to our unit (which is on the third floor, facing directly east, at the ocean). I am so happy I found this place last year. The owners are delightful and the place is just about perfect.

Every day that goes by, every hour ... I feel the stress leave my body. I highly recommend a beach vacation for anyone who needs to forget their cares and get back on track. You don't have to laze around in the sun (but you can if you want, of course!) to enjoy the beach; it's also a beautiful place just to BE.

But we can't stay forever of course. We have a cruise on Saturday!


nancy said...

Hey Len, just thought you should know it snowed today!!!! and it's only 10 weeeks 'til christmas.
hope you enjoying your vacation.

Lost Aussie said...

Have a great time Lennie and enjoy your warm sunny vacation.

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